School Workshops 2018/19

Secondary School Workshops 2018/19


Multimedia Writing Workshops!

Multimedia writing workshops are more inclusive, productive & relevant to today’s writing world than run of the mill creative writing workshops. Each student can participate in the activities in the way most appropriate to them – as an illustrator, a performer, a song-writer, a musician, a poet or storyteller, a smartphone videographer….Everyone fits in & everyone contributes from a position of interest & strength.

Multimedia writing workshops can have a variety of diverse outcomes, depending on the wishes of the school & the particular mix of kids on the day. Typical outcomes include podcasts, poetry-videos, mockumentaries, & short films, as well as multimedia exhitions & variety shows. Furthermore, Multimedia Writing Workshops prepare people for the real life creative industries, where multimedia teamwork is the modus operandi.

Half-day, full day, or weekly visits. Max class size 28.

Call or e-mail me at 0870921117/dlordan to discuss further the multimedia writing workshop requirements for your school.


Storytelling For Leaving Certs

An intense 3 hour workshop in narrative structure for leaving cert students. Ideal for students who want to boost their imaginative writing skills in advance of the big exam. I let students in on all my story invention secrets, showing them foolproof ways to make up tales & keep them going – & the reader reeled in – until the very end. Even the least imaginative student won’t freeze up on exam day if they pay attention in this workshop. This one is VERY POPULAR so book ahead to avoid disappointment. Half day. Max class size 28



This year I partnered with Gaisce, The President’s Award, to design a 13 unit online Creative Writing Now course specifically designed for young people, & which can count as one of three completed activities required for the bronze level of the Gaisce Award. As well as the eternal fundamentals of creative writing – theme, style, narrative – the course covers 21st century forms like video game design, literary video, & performance poetry. 25 euro for individual student sign up. Group booking brings it down to less than 10 euro per student. Best used in TY or as short course for JC.

Check out the video ad for Gaisce’s Creative Writing Course here


Poetry For Self Esteem

A workshop for small groups of special needs & low literacy students, who I work with to create wonderful group poems based on the thoughts, feelings, & imaginations of the group. One day, or six weekly visits. Max class size 8.


*Because I’m Human – Anti-bullying Speech Choir & Poetry Video Workshop.*

My anti-bullying poem Because I’m Human became famous after it was broadcast on RTE playback & is now in use as an educational resource throughout the world, including in the Phillipines, where it has become part of the official school curriculum a speech choir piece. In this workshop I work with whole class groups to prepare group performances & videos for exhibition & display to the rest of the school community as part of anti-bullying initiatives. One day or four weekly visits. Max class size 28.

Check out the world-famous Because I’m Human here


Talented Teens Worshops

For small groups of advanced students. An intense workshop for the most enthusistic young creators based on the multimedia creativity curriculum at our Dublin Young Authors school for talented teens at The Big Smoke Writing Factory. Students choose to work towards a particular professional level outcome – an anthology, a live show, a magazine, a video or podcast of any kind – & I guide & instruct them towards achieving that. A great way to produce something special for the while school community to enjoy, & to look back upon with pride for many years to come. Six weekly visits. Max class size 16.

Read about Dublin Young Authors here

& more about my teaching methodology here


Could you be a creative writing teacher?

Somewhat absurdly, the Department of Education has begun the process of introducing creative writing as an exam subject, but without offering any professional training in the teaching of creative writing. Yet creative writing is a difficult subject to teach in a secondary school with any lasting success, and it requires a deep understanding of Of what creativity actually is, how it works in the modern world, as well as how it can be made interesting, relevant & worthwhile to today’s young people. I have twenty years experience as a creative writing teacher, & have designed creative writing programmes in partnership with numerous national, regional, & local stakehokders. My online course in Teaching Creative Writing was developed in Partnership with the Mater Dei Institute of Education, & is perfect for secondary teachers who want to expand their professional practice in the area. 120 euro, 6 hour-long units, certificate of completion. See video ad here


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