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In August of 1988, the second summer of love, a thousands-strong convoy of english New Age Travellers arrive unexpectedly in a small Irish town that still remembers The Black and Tans. Yet another battle in the 10000 year war for the soul & destiny of humankind ensues. This time, against the odds, the lovers win, and the haters have to suck it up, as the local proles & Travellers flock towards the novel nomads in their tents and wagons and join enthusiastically in their visionary dances, despite the best efforts & of cops and committees. All told as witnessed and participated in by 13 yo Dave Lordan, accompanied by an atmospheric ambient soundscape by Aden China, inspired by the music and social revolts of the time.

Five teenagers gather at a party in a bedsit in Dunmanway, West Cork during mushroom season in 1993. Only one – Dave Lordan – is left on this Earth in 2018. The other four youngsters have tragically passed. In this six-episode podcast memoir, Lordan will delve into each of the four dead friends’ lives, and each of their deaths, in turn – before ending with a demon-haunted climax in Gatsby’s “niteclub”.