8 reasons I support Trans people.

1. Because I was raised right and have manners. How other people see themselves and live their lives is none of my business. Transphobes are ignorant, nosey gobshites.

2. Because I believe in individual freedom. In fact, the only thing of any importance that human beings have added to the universe is the potential for individuals to exercise freedom. Transphobes, in opposing individual freedom, represent the ant-like tendencies in the human species.

3. Because human beings have always questioned gender & identity and always tried to escape the limits of the body they were born into, and the evidence for this is in every society’s mythology and literature. On page 3 of The Iliad, the poem which founds Western Civilization, a woman changes into a man. Transphobes are ill-educated, illiterate morons.

4. Because I saw with my own eyes the persecution of children who were gender non-conforming by sadistic teachers in my school days. These kids were isolated, persecuted, and in some cases driven to suicide. Transphobes are child abusers.

5. Because one of my childhood heros was an extremely courageous gender non-conforming supermarket owner in 80s Clonakilty. They wore dresses, lipstick, high heels and went to the library, mass, the pub or anywhere they wished. On Fridays – grocery day back then – they greeted local mother’s with free wine and caviar while dressed up to the nines. Nobody bothered them and eventually nearly everyone came to admire them. Even in 80s rural Ireland Transphobes were a tiny, loutish minority.

6. Because they are at the frontline of defending individual freedom and as such are under attack from dark political forces who want to reduce all humans to slavery and bring back the concentration camps. If fascists win on Transphobia, they will move on to the next target and that could be you, or me. Transphobes are among the main allies of fascism and Transphobia is a pillar of contemporary fascism.

7. Because they are being attacked and undermined by the same anti-irish and anti-working class media – the Irish Times, The Independent, RTE – which have been attacking, undermining, and lying to and about the people of Ireland since they were set-up. The Indo and The IT cheered when James Connolly was shot, supported the British Army during the troubles, covered up the heinous crimes of the Irish church, and cheerlead Transphobia now. Transphobes are platformed by liars to tell lies and sell lies.

8. Because I want my friends, loved one’s, neighbours, and indeed myself, to have the freedom to choose how we present ourselves and the option to be who we truly want to be, the simple opportunity to be happy with ourselves and comfortable in our own bodies. This is a human birthright. Transphobes are anti-human and anti-human rights.

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RAVELATIONS #audiobook #soundscaped #earlyrave #secondsummeroflove #

In August of 1988, the second summer of love, a thousands-strong convoy of english New Age Travellers arrive unexpectedly in a small Irish town that still remembers The Black and Tans. Yet another battle in the 10000 year war for the soul & destiny of humankind ensues. This time, against the odds, the lovers win, and the haters have to suck it up, as the local proles & Travellers flock towards the novel nomads in their tents and wagons and join enthusiastically in their visionary dances, despite the best efforts & of cops and committees. All told as witnessed and participated in by 13 yo Dave Lordan, accompanied by an atmospheric ambient soundscape by Aden China, inspired by the music and social revolts of the time.

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