DUG WITH SPOONS #resistempire #standwithukraine

Poem about mass breakouts by anti-imperialist resistance fighters in Palestine & Ireland, in solidarity with Ukrainian Resistance to The Russian Empire. From Back To Normal, new joint collection of soul rebel poetry from Karl Parkinson and Dave Lordan Creativity
Launch in The Cobblestone, Smithfield, Fri 11th of March

Dug With Spoons

Remember the ones who dug with spoons

They dug & dug & dug with spoons

They dug nights & they dug noons

They Dug They dug They Dug with spoons

They dug and as they dug they hummed

They hummed because they couldn’t sing

They couldn’t sing their people’s songs

Their nana’s songs their fathers’ songs

so they hummed and hummed their people-tunes

their mother-tunes their father-tunes

and dug until they left their cells

and tunneled out through Empire’s hell

and hummed until the walls fell down

and stuck a dagger in the crown…

If for freedom you’re willing to fight

take heart from the ones who spoon all night 

and in deepest darkness strike for light!

Remember the ones who dig with spoons

How they scoop through nights

& scrape past noons

As they dig & dig & dig with spoons

As they dig and dig and dig and dig

As they dig and dig and dig and dig

As they dig and dig and dig and dig