The Terrifying Army Attacking The Borders!

Congratulations to the Glorious Armed Forces of The Christian Nation of Poland.

Yesterday they managed to defeat starving, unarmed men, women, & above all children who had been stampeded at them in the manner of an ancient buffalo hunt by the equally glorious & honourable Armed Forces of The Even More Christian Nation of Byelorussia.

It is really wonderful that the Glorious Polish Armed Forces have finally found an army they can beat. An army that is not an army, but a starving, frostbitten rabble driven by western atrocity from their homelands – with the help of The Glorious Polish Armed Forces in Iraq, Syria and so on.

It is indeed over a century since the Glorious Polish Armed Forces won a battle – that was against the already empire-building Bolsheviks & Trotsky who invaded & were repelled in 1919-20.

Since then the Glorious Armed Christian Forces of The Nation of Poland have had their arses handed to them repeatedly. The Germans ate them for breakfast in 14 & 39, and then the Russians used them as slaves for fifty years, and not a peep out of them about it either!

In fact the Glorious Polish Army of Imperial
Slaves were only delighted to follow Russian orders and turn their tanks and guns on their own unarmed mothers & babies during the Solidarity uprising in 1980.

Unless they are fighting unarmed women and starving babies, The Glorious Armed WifeBeaters of Poland are not much good at the fighting game – but they make great fertilizer.

In fact the last time famished babies were shot at in Poland, it was by the SS & The Wehrmacht. Bad as these were, at least the Glorious Armed Forces of The Sick Notion of Christian Poland learned who & how to fight if you want to be a real Christian Soldier!

Now that they have won such a great victory against babies with scurvy, who shall the Glorious Armed Forces of The Extremely Christian Sadists of Poland turn on next?

Will it be the stray dogs of Lodz?

The homeless cripples of Warsaw?

The nursing home residents of Gdansk?

All hail the Glorious Baby-Shooters of The Extremely Christian Soldiers of Poland!

Hell is not hot enough, nor eternity long enough to give these Soldiers of Christ everything they so so deserve!

And will it be the Germans or The Russians who next take a morning off to make fertiliser of the Glorious Armed Forces of The Bible-waving Cowards of Poland?