COP26 isn’t an an environmental meeting, it’s a global suicide pact signed by world govts on your behalf. Greenhouse Gas emissions are rising, not falling, and we are headed for catastrophe and COP 26 only provides a cover for business as usual, which is doom business.

The only question is how big a catastrophe. It will be somewhere between the collapse of urban-industrial civilisation and the end of all life on Earth.

If we want a small chance of the good option of going back to live in small rural groups without electricity or oil and growing our own food supply, we have to stop all greenhouse gas emissions now.

It’s a life or death, black & white situation. The oil and gas giants, aided by govts & the 1% are engaged in an effective one-sided war of annihalation against humanity.

As more and more under-30s come to realise this, expect more militant & more desperate actions against Oil & Gas than merely blocking roads.

At least a real fightback would make a tragedy of human extinction. As it stands we are not a tragic species but a toxic one.

The passing of a species that poisoned it’s own air, that literally shat in its own mouth and choked, killing an entire planetary life system in the process, and among whom no significant countermovement occured…who could sincerely see this as a bad thing?