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The decision by the CIA & Pentagon to publicly release some of their UFO footage has finally & absolutely convinced me that UFO’s do not exist and that humans are very probably the sole conscious species in our Galaxy.

Why is conscious life so rare? Countless barriers exist to the development of conscious life in our Universe. Therefore many factors feed in to providing a comprehensive answer to this question. Two of the most important are as follows:

COSMIC YOUTH: The Universe is about 14billion years old. It is expected to last for millions of billions of years. In terms of a human lifespan, our universe is like a baby still covered in its afterbirth and only half-way through it’s first breath. Life takes a long long time to evolve out of non-life, & the extremely favourable fluke conditions on Earth are not likely to be anything like general conditions this early in our universe’s existence. We’re the first in The Milky Way to have any kind of complex life, or at the very outside one of a very small group of similar non-space-faring early life trials.

THE CATASTROPHIC COSMOS: Things are always catastrophically blowing up in our universe, and when they are not blowing up they are catastrophically ramming into each other or catastrophically blasting killer rays at each other. Supernovas, which are everyday occurrences, can destroy everything within thousands of light years of them. Magnetar Supernovas are also regular events and can fry entire galaxies. Our Sun is a highly unusual star in terms of its surface stability, & yet it is expected that a coronal mass ejection will wipe out our entire electricity network sometime in the next few decades. Those ‘habitable planets’ in the ‘goldilocks zone’ they keep talking about are all likely blasted regularly & instantaneously by the lethal star-burps of their much less stable suns. Same goes for asteroids & comet strikes. We are shielded from them to a great degree by Jupiter. The ‘goldilocks zone’ planets we keep hearing about are highly unlikely to be so shielded as we. And even we are in more danger than is commonly realised. We have no defense against asteroids, and there are thousands in near-earth orbit, with scientists estimating that they do not know the location or size of about 90% of them. We are a fluke on borrowed time!

It therefore follows that any fantasies which involve a cosmic saviour race that will come & save us from ourselves are only fantasies.

Climate-change-survival strategies which involve a human escape from our dying planet to colonise & thrive on other planets are equally nonsense.

In any case we really do not want to encounter a machine civilisation with unimaginable military power – the only kind that would dream of turning up in our skies.

And should we somehow again achieve the highly unlikely and survive the climate catastrophe, it won’t be in a form that would either be able for or desirous of space travel.

Finally & I think most consequentially, from the point of view of GAIA, the self-regulating biosphere earth-system, the invading aliens are of course ourselves, and the damage we have done to GAIA is worse than any fleet of Klingons could have dreamed of doing.


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