Great to be invited to participate in the The Frederick Douglass Wexford Civil Rights Festival 2021 alongside Senator Eileen Flynn, Deirdre Wadding & Sindy Joyce & Jimi Cullen

Mighty program – take a peek! And wexford is very cool it you are looking for a mid-winter trip!

I will be performing some poetry on the Saturday, 27th November as part of the Unchained event M’Cd by Deirdre :


Hosted by local activist and artist Deirdre Wadding, an evening of inspirational music, drama and spoken word from Wexford’s top performers with contributions from our Direct Provision centre in Rosslare and international guests in the USA resurrecting the voices of slaves from a plantation.

Featured artists


Wexford Drama Studio

Rachel Grace

Jimi Cullen

Ronan Furlong

Dave Lordan

Shane Ryan

the residents from Rosslare Direct provision

Diane Wilbon Parks, ‘Lady Di

Beverley and Joy Alford from the USA


Contact Dave Lordan @ dlordan@hotmail.com

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