Three traditionally anti-Irish and pro-apartheid UK propaganda outlets – the Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Times – have launched a co-ordinated campaign this morning against Irish novelist Sally Rooney due to her support for the widespread cultural boycott of Apartheid Israel – a stand she shares with thousands of other Irish artists of all stripes.

Knowing how these things go, it’s likely the beginning of a larger attempt to bully the young writer to back down. The internet will be alive with pro-apartheid types abusing her, and more columns are no doubt in the works in the pro-apartheid press in Ireland as well as in UK.

And it will all have a special spite to it because there is no-one more hated by English Tories and their propaganda rags than yet another Irish writer who outshines them in their own language. They still haven’t gotten over Joyce, God love them!

The attempt to break Rooney is intended to provide an object lesson to writers and artists in general – stand up to Apartheid and we will ruin you. Rooney is a breath of fresh air in the Irish literary scene and we need to support her – If you get a chance to stick up her for her anywhere online, take it!


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