HOSPICE EARTH work-in-progress Dave Lordan

Beir Bua Journal

Optimism of the Pessimism,
Intellectualism of The Will.

 ‘What kind of monster is she who has eyes to see & ears to hear, and yet walks straight and does not despair?’ Killian Turner, Berlin Notebooks (1982) As a thought experiment, imagine yourself in a mass of lemmings headed for the Cliffs of Moher. If it helps, imagine the other lemmings in the mob being everyone you have ever known on first name terms - classmates, workmates, sessionmates, fuckmates etc. Among the lemmings there are four broad groups: The first group are the deniers. They deny the existence of the Cliffs of Moher. There is no Atlantic ocean either, according to them - after all, who has ever seen these supposed ‘Cliffs’, this ridiculous ‘Ocean’?! The green, lush, & rolling lands just continue forever, as does the going forward of the lemmings, & their is neither a need to nor a…

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