20 years after September 11th, it is becoming clearer than ever that the attacks were a huge strategic success for Al-Qaeda.

They spectacularly accelerated both the decline of America power in the wide-world, and the political polarisation within the US itself.

Two decades of bloody defeats in Iraq & Afghanistan has shown the world that the US cannot win a war against even the poorest people in the world, emboldening all of their enemies everywhere.

Internally, the US has entered into a pre-civil war situation which is spiraling by the hour.

All in all, the attacks & their numerous, still-unwinding serious consequences are putting an end to the US as a domineering & cohesive force in the power struggles of the world.

With all the space taken up in the mainstream media today by Sept 11 & its pundit army, few or none atall will admit the true meaning of this the greatest legacy of Sept 11th – the massively accelerated fall of the US, & with it perhaps also the end of the Occidental Imperialism which has been destroying the world in order to save it since 1492.

Alas, the fall of the US does not mean the rise of peace & good will to all men. Since they are cornered now, they will fight like rats on their way out & cause much more death & destruction.

And waiting in the wings to sweep in and snatch up the territorial & political spoils are not only the Jihadis, but also the equally nefarious imperial states of China & Russia, & the various sub-imperialisms like Iran & Turkey.

It is a fact of history that successful military strategies & techniques are always eventually imitated by all who have a stake in the wars of the world. Naturally, all armies study the winners of wars most of all.

The undreamed-of strategic success of Sept 11th will undoubtedly continue to encourage more spectacular terrorist atrocities – not least from the accelerationists of the euro-american far-right, whose recent celebrations for the Taliban are only the latest proof that they too are Jihadis.

So, while there are many reasons to grieve for the innumerable tragedies that have overtaken our planet & our consciousness since 9/11, it might be prudent to save most of your tears for tmro, when they will surely be needed.