THE FREEDOM OF EEJITS #FarRight #antivaxx #freedom

I met a 50 year old lady last week who wasn’t taking the vaccine because ‘it would take away my freedom’.

Now, I do believe people should be free to choose to take the vaccine or not take it. I also believe people should be free to stab themselves in the eye with a knitting needle. In the privacy of your own home sure do what you like. None of my business.

And I believe I should be free to travel on public transport, attend a workplace or a place of study, go to the cinema, a restaurant, a concert etc without being exposed to people who have chosen to be potential vectors for a fatal disease.

You see not everyone’s freedom is the same freedom & some freedoms are not reconciliable, some freedoms contradict each other & in that contradiction they must struggle for supremacy.

My freedom from exposure in public places to fatal disease & the anti-vaxxers freedom to potentially give me a fatal disease are not reconciliable. One must win out over the other.

From the perspective of the narcissist or the nihilist (the posh name for a narcissist), there is no such thing as society & all that matters is to follow one’s own whims & inclinations & fcuk everyone else. I believe this is a philosophy often adapted by people who have failed to form lasting social bonds with others, & as a result failed generally in life – at relationships, at jobs & vocations. Clearly the anti-lockdown movement in Ireland is an ommelette cracked out of such fall-aparts & failures – failed fathers & mothers, failed musicians & actors, failed businesspeople, failed politicians & activists & so on. They have failure written all over their faces, all of them.

Anyway, I asked the freedom lady what it was she had done with her fifty years of freedom before the Vaccine had come to take it away?

Surely someone who is prepared to stoop so low as to attend marches organised by fascists (there is no lower you can stoop) to defend their freedom will have done many spectacular things while they were free to do them, before the pandemic?

In fact, she had done fcuk all that could attract the name of freedom. She had literally done fcuk all with her life except get old & paranoid. She was estranged from family & had few friends. She had a shite job that wore her out & she didnt talk to her neighbours on either side.

Oh & she had addictions to cocaine & alcohol. The ammount of cocaine & booze around the anti-lockdown movement is pretty telling too I think. Many’s an ex-user or recovered alcoholic will tell you that one of the devilish powers of strong drugs is how they inflate your ego at the same time as blinding you to your own stupidity. On Coke and/or booze it’s entirely possible to be so delusional that you think yourself a freedom fighter while you march down O Connell Street with fascists. Obviously anyone who is a slave to a powerful drug is to be treated with scepticism when they wax lyrical about freedom.

Of course there are sober anti-vaxxers too, but many of them have inhaled New Age Bullshit, which is just as toxic as laced cocaine & just as capable of convincing mice that they are elephants. Then there are the manipulators at the top – the likes of Dolores Cahill, who flies around in a private jet and renovates her castle in Athlone, all from the donations freely given to her by eejits exercising their eejit freedom.

I think it’s a question worth asking anyone who tells you their freedom is under threat from a life-saving injection. What have you done with your freedom so far, heh, Mr Freeman?

The answer, I bet, will in most cases be sweet fcuk all.