HAPPY #Pride2021

Happy #pride month to all my friends & acquaintances in the LGBTQIA+ communities.

I remember the 80s, when it was still a crime to be anything but straight-married with children.

Straight-only Ireland was a deeply sick Ireland – the Ireland in which dumping babies in sewers was perfectly respectable, but holding hands with your true love could get you killed.

I remember when you could murder a queer person in broad daylight anywhere in Eire & get away with it.

Among the bravest people I have ever met were were the out & proud in rural & small-town Ireland in the 80s – and there were quite a few. I remember their life-risking courage & they are my heros still.

Those who want to go back to dumping babies in sewers – the fake-religious far right, including extremely dangerous TDs like Mattie McGrath & Michael Collins – are also the frontline of Homophobia, especially Transphobia, in Ireland.

We should remember that while rights are hard won, they are all too easily lost – as they are being lost all over the US & Eastern Europe with the ascendance of the far right.

So have fun, as much fun as you can pack in to one month!

But get ready to fight, not only for your rights, but for your life too – the forces ranging against all of our freedoms are genocidal in nature & only a power as mass and as determined and above all as militant as those great pioneers of the LGBTQIA+ referred to above is going to stand in their way.