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Revolution was the Beginning, Sliman Mansour, 2016, Oil on Canvas

(For H.G)

She rushes screaming from the sparkling sea the little girl

all gone

her father on all fours laying out the chicken,
hummus, salad, olives, bread, drooping belly
tender to the broiling sand


her two brothers start to kick a ball into the sun


soon as she finishes chapter 12 her older sister will dip in


her uncle snoozing underneath his hat and beard


Her mother with the overheated baby at her breast


Peace hat beard chicken laughter uncle breast baby hummus mother nails warmth bread sister sun ball waves brothers belly father picnic sand song salad love

all gone

the sea
rushes screaming from the little girl

On June 9, 2006, an Israeli Gunboat fired 8 missiles at a beach near the Gaza Strip municipality of Beit Lahia murdering eight Palestinians. At least thirty others were injured.The aftermath of the incident was captured on video and showed a distressed eleven-year-old girl, Huda Ghaliya, reacting to the loss of family members, most of whom were killed in the incident.

Poem from The Boy In The Ring (2007, Salmon), available from author at