THE CAMPERVANS ARE COMING #staycation #takedownthebarriers

News reaches me from all corners of the land of people (who have by luck or pluck the 10k+ it takes) buying up second hand campervans with the intention of taking to the roads & staycationing in Ireland this summer.

No surprise after us all being locked up in our limited zones for so long, like pigeons in coops. Camper Vans are more than just mere vehicles aren’t they? They have the romance of the open road to them as well.

God knows we all need an adventure this summer, & one feels much more of an adventurer, & much more likely to have an adventure in a Camper Van, than in a hotel or a self-catering village.

Convenient as these latter are, they just don’t have the punk or the poetry of a Camper Van.

That free-wheelin feelin of zippin around with your comfy shell on your back & being able to stop up wherever you feel like it – miles up the mountains, at an out-of-the way beach, alongside a corry or a dolmen or a deserted village…you aren’t gonna get any of that with a package holiday.

Except it’s not quite like that out on the road in Ireland. The sadistic hostility of our state & its local & national authorities to Travellers for the last century makes even holidaying in mobile homes of any kind very difficult.

Private & public car parks nearly always have steel barriers preventing the entry of vehicles people can live in – this is designed for one thing only, to keep Travellers out. It is racism written in to the rules of Irish town-planning.

All people, including holiday-makers, but especially Travellers, should have the right to live on the road, & to have their full rights as citizens respected & provided for while they are living on the road. This I feel is self-evident & can only be argued against on false, hypocritical, & inevitably racist premises.

Yet, horrible & wrong as it is, the argument against equality is made in steel by our social order every time someone tries to drive into an Irish car park in a liveable vehicle & finds themselves barred.

So parking is going to be a huge issue this summer for everyone with a CamperVan – as the exclusionary racism routinely dished out to Travellers as a matter of public policy winds up affecting a wider demographic.

Many of course will try and avoid these problems by parking on paid sites. But there are not that many of these, & the conveniences they provide are variable. They will likely be full to the bursting and very noisy throughout July & August, which, for one thing, will not be ideal for anyone who wants to play it any bit safe re covid19.

We should all be calling for metal height barriers to be permanently removed from all carparks, not just for the summer, but forever. It is a shameful barbarism to have erected them in the first place, they being so obviously & so prejudiciously & so maliciously targeted.

Anyway, a way around the situation might be to park in people’s gardens or fields. If you have mates down the country ask them to let you pitch up in their acre for a night or two.