Cannabis. My 4/20 Manifesto!

I am for immediate legalisation & for a combination of nationalised & grant aided small-scale private & local producers, to ramp up cannabis production in Ireland, making prority use of marginal land in depressed rural areas.

This will keep families on the land in vital areas for the conservation of our rural heritage, & provide an all but guaranteed income in future decades.

Sales wise, it should be possible for both a state & a few thousand licenced & strictly regulated dealers to benefit from it. 5000 off the dole straightaway, right? And financially independent, out of the hands of the gangs.

We know we can grow hardy varieties outdoors along the South Coast. Greenhouse production would be easy elsewhere.

A lot of tax money to build council houses with.

I am also for a complete striking from the record of all previous criminal prosecutions related to possession of cannabis.

For over 18-only access.

For an upper limit for THC content, the precise ammount to be determined by health scientists.

For recovery services related to Cannabis Addiction (don’t try & pretend that ain’t a thing) to be funded 100% & in perpetuity by cannabis related taxes & revenues.

For all remaining state revenues related to cannabis to be used 100% & in perpetuity for public services.

What are we waiting for, heh?