Rocket Man & His Clown Leader

The impressive fact that a quarter of all 69 year olds in the state registered for their Covid19 vaccination within an hour of the registration portal opening is very good news in terms of the state of mass conciousness in Ireland.

It illustrates that the anti-science arguments of the far-right & of their media enablers at Newstalk, The Irish Times, Classic FM etc have had no significant impact on the wider population in Ireland.

In fact The far-right have utterly failed in Ireland during the pandemic – at least when it comes to building on anti-science , pro-plague arguments & activities.

In opinion poll after opinion poll the 40 or so parties of the far right, each with their own clown Fuhrer, have failed to add up to even 1% of popular support.

Remember too that, in their gross delusions fed no doubt by copious ammounts of Christy Kinahan’s Columbian Talcum Powder, the leading figures of Irish neo-fascism dreamed of taking power by means of mass street violence, & then carrying out massacres of their many categories of enemy (gays, communists, journalists, POCs, nurses etc etc).

All they got is filmed & owned – the far-right has not grown its cadre in Ireland during the pandemic – it has just exposed them & isolated them. We have them all on video. Half of their most dangerous thugs are up on charges. The other half are shitting bricks – they have been unable to co-ordinate any significant protests or actions for months & they are all falling out.

The vast bulk of people consider the livestreaming goons of the far-right as, at best, dangerous eejits. The ones in the cities might get away with it & be able to quietly retire, but the dopes in small towns & rural Ireland who outed themselves as plague-propagandists will have a stink & a hex attached them for the rest of their lives – as they deserve, they are no better then pedophiles or well-poisoners & communities have a right to protect themselves.

Besides this, the growth they undoubtedly achieved through mainly racist tactics in the years before Covid was dependant on the Guardaí & the wider state authorities ignoring them & by ignoring them, facilitating them.

Since one of their Kinahan sponsored ‘security’ men fired a rocket at a Guard’s eye, & a Gemma O Doherty bullying campaign contributed to the suicide of a young gay Guard, the Gardaí (who as we on the left know well are vengeful in the extreme) have boxed them in & will likely continue to do so for some time.

This means that it will become increasingly obvious that the far-right in southern Ireland have no fighting capacity whatsoever. That they are not rebels, but rabbles.

The left & community grassroots can claim some credit for this, particularly community orgs like Fingal Against Racism, & Bray For Love, to name 2 of many. AFA’s militant approach & street countering of fascists has also helped, and is to be applauded.

Remember fascists are in the very oldest & deepest sense outlaws – by attacking the moral basis of our communities & seeking to turn us against each other in a time of deadly crisis, they have placed themselves outside the moral law & its protection.

Therefore you cannot commit a crime against a fascist – no more than you commit a crime against Covid19 when you vaccinate against it. Any & all means of fighting & annihalating fascism are morally justified in perpetuity by The Holocaust. Do to them as you will & are able to do, & do so knowing that Anne Frank is cheering you on from Heaven.

But the good sense of the people is the main bedrock of anti-fascist resistance in Ireland – let’s not forget that. It will take more than a fake barrister, a British soldier, a lying professor, a fundamentalist divorcee, & a few meth-heads & yoga freaks with a Travelling Circus to fool the Irish.

Racism will be the Irish fash tactic for the next while. On the ground activities rooted in local communities, mass showcase anti-fascist protests, & merciless actions against their thug cadre & political leaders will beat them back down into the dirt where they belong.