Jianq Qing, aka Madame Mao

If good people beat bad people,
it serves them right;

if bad people beat good people,
the good people achieve glory;

if good people beat good people,
it is a misunderstanding;

without beatings,
you do not get acquainted;

with beatings you no longer need
to beat them.

Translation of a quote from Jianq Qinq, who was Mao Zedong’s 4th Wife and a leading figure in the cultural revolution (1966-1976), a decade long national witch-hunt initially carried out by heavily armed teenagers & college students called Red Guards, which killed millions & ruined the lives of tens of millions.

Among those targeted by the Red Guards were ‘bad influencers’ & ‘counter-revolutionaries’ – in practice anyone they felt like murdering for any reason whatsoever.

Petty personal revenge played a role in many murders, & anyone who deviated or was accused of deviating even slightly from Maoist orthodoxy in word, thought, deed could find themselves dead soon after.

The Red Guards were themselves annihilated by the Chinese Army in 1968, having served their purpose for the dictator & the state.


Or maybe they just went to sleep for a while in Hell, awaiting a chance to return in a new time & with a new appearance suited to a persecution in the name of purity, a new murderous morality.

Who knows – it’s a mysterious world, & there are dark forces operating in it few seem (or seek) to understand, or even want to admit to, as doing so would inevitably throw so many grand analyses & plans out of shape.

Anyway keep your eye out – they are easy to spot.

They are often very glamorous & popular – like their Goddess Jiang – & like Jiang they can recite the new commandments by heart.

They hunt in screeching packs for those who deviate in word, thought, or deed.

When they catch a ‘bad influencer’, they destroy them.