There’s a video going around from the far-right misinformation outfit Gript featuring a priest giving out about the closure of churches during lockdown, blaming it on the left, & viewing it as a part of a global conspiracy to oppress catholics.

The priest is breaking ranks with his own colleagues – the Association of Irish Catholic Priests, a force for good in the Irish Catholic church, supports pandemic measures.

The solo-run priest is also breaking ranks with logic & with truth. Our government is right wing, & it is they who are messing up the Covid response.

It wasn’t the left who sold babies into exile by the thousand, or who dumped the unsellable ones in sewers. That was the right. The catholic right.

By any reasonable reading of The Gospel, Gript are evil incarnate & those who knowingly assist their evil purpose are also committing evil by the moral laws of Abraham, Moses, Jesus.

Besides this, all the catholics I know are as left as I am – that is they oppose the evils of racism, homophobia, misogyny, poverty, homelessness & so on just as I do.

A sizeable majority of Irish Catholics voted for gay marriage & to repeal the 8th amendment – there is nothing in the teachings of Jesus telling them not to do this, & plenty to support a left-liberal catholicism.

I am not one of the left-wingers who is contemptous of the people’s religion. I have no wish to spit in my grandmother’s face, my grandmother who taught me the meanings of justice and truth and equality from the Bible long before i ran into a socialist atheist.

I am not an atheist. I have many times savagely criticised the catholic church in my work, but I know of no greater wisdom than what is contained in the 4 gospels.

I support the safe & immediate opening of places of worship & believe that these should be prioritised over commerce & construction. If our souls & their upkeep are not essential, than there is nothing essential to the human being. Church closures have disproportionately affected the elderly & the lonely in rural Ireland – let them go to mass and have their loneliness salved & their hearts uplifted.