A young Irish woman is making a name for herself as a sassy online outlaw in wake of endangering lives for a prolonged period on the motorways around Dublin.

The tabloids have gone along with & encouraged the fast-developing show, & she is making a few bob out of an onlyfans account. Nowhere near as much as the tabloids are going to make out of her though.

She had her passport taken away from her today by Jugde Kelly, who also imposed a curfew, a daily sign on, a sobriety bond, and a ban on entering Ballymun.

Harsh, but hard to argue with, and it may do her good. She shouted at the Judge in court today, who in fact was very patient with her going by press accounts.

Shouting at Judges while under serious charges bespeaks not an outlaw nature, but an utterly innocent one. When they have you in court and you don’t have the money for a fancy barrister, the only smart move available is take your beating gratefully, plead guilty and lay out your excuses and grovelling apologies, promise to become a saint from now on and all that. It is after all, and at bottom, a state theatre, a power drama on eternal repeat, & the working class has only one role to play in it.

I suspect the young woman needs friends who can level-headedly support & advise her through her forthcoming ordeal, which will last a lot longer, while passing by a lot slower, than a car chase.

As for the onlyfans account & the cartoony antics which, intentionally or not, serve as its offsite marketing campaign, all I can say is I respect anyone who has the get up and go to try and make a few bossless bobs for themselves in these anxiously straitened times, as well as the gumption to not give a fiddlers what anyone else thinks about it either. If only half the writers of Ireland had such a spirit of defiance of propriety & convention!

Something does trouble me though and if i were to write a ballad about it all, i’d extract the chorus from the wanderings that follow….

Why has Michael Cullen of The Beacon Cartel still got his passport?

Why are the twenty teachers who stole vaccines from cancer patients & special needs children not signing on daily at their local Garda station?

Why indeed are the whole upper management of The Beacon & St Gerard’s not under effective house arrest, as they would be in many other countries, as Gemma Greene is?

Wouldn’t be anything to do with money, privilege, power class, would it?

It’s always the Calamity Janes that get the gallows ain’t it, while the General Custer’s roam free to wreak their devastation.

“Prisons are built with stones of law
& brothels with bricks of religion…”
William Blake