Not yet, but I wouldn’t rule it out with all the inbreeding.


There are 600 title-holding aristocratic families in the UK, sharing 2000 titles between them, each worth an average of 16 million pounds sterling to its holder.

The monarchy alone cost the Uk Treasury 67 million pounds sterling in 2020. I can find no calculation for the cost of the entire aristocracy, but it must be an eye-watering amount of money, enough perhaps to properly feed the UK’s millions of undernourished children many times over

As Lady Me-Again Marketable & Good Prints Hairy have discovered, it is very rare & very troublesome for a non-aristocrat to marry into this arrangement.

And this arrangement has been going on for a millennium, since French Willy met Alfred the Grouch at Hastings & broke his poor oul saxoneye.

Allowing for breaks in continuity of the genetic line of the monarchy (& surrounds) on occasions of civil-war – none of which troubled the depths of the overall gene pool – we can confidently attest that these goutridden goons have been feekin their first cousins for a 1000 years.

Making them without doubt the world’s longest & wackiest experiment in inbreeding, & nothing besides.

And inbreeding, as everyone knows, leads to what might be termed devolution. Each succeeding generation becomes stupider, more condition-ridden, more distant in make-up from the general population of the species. Eventually you become a different animal alltogether.

And we in the 26 counties had to pay for that time-travelling orgy of animal incest for 800 years with our blood, sweat, & tears.

And OUR cousins up North are still paying for it.

I say stuff both the Official & Provisional Royal Families.

Stuff the ones that go on Oprah’s modern royalty look-at-me-again show, & stuff the ones that don’t.

Stuff the Dukes & stuff the Lords & stuff the Ladies too.

Stuff em in a holey boat and send em to a rocky island so they can carry on incesting every which way for the next thousand years until they do eventually devolve into dinosaurs.