Bobby Sands, (alongside James Connolly, & Padraig Pearse, to name just a couple) , is currently the victim of defilement by that circus of gurning gobshites, the Irish Far Right.

Bobby is the latest victim in their sick tactic of claiming Irish national heros as their own.

There are no Irish national heros that can be claimed for fascism. Fascists have never had anything to do with our national tradition, which is a tradition of progressive popular rebellion rooted in centuries of incessant heroic struggle against the imperialist ancestors of today’s fascists.

Fascists, when they appear in Irish history, have always been treated exactly how they should be treated by a nation of progressive anti-imperialist rebels – as traitors, as a fifth column doing the enemy’s dirty work behind our lines.

To claim Markievicz, Collins, Larkin….to claim any of the whole gallery of greats as the ancestors of today’s fascist hooligans is to participate in the act of defecating on the graves of our glorious martyrs – whom in terms of both quantity & quality make Ireland for so many a bright green star of hope shining through oppression’s long night.

How our hearts burst with justified pride for example when we see a Palestinian rebel raise the Irish flag on the frontlines of the struggle against colonial apartheid!

That Palestinian rebel is more Irish than any fascist with an Irish Passport ever has been or ever will be.

Those who marched last Saturday marched behind the banners not of Irish heros, but of Irish traitors. When the smoke clears, that will be history’s one sentence summary of it.

So much is obvious and if you can’t see it, take your head out of your arse & stop wallowing in your own shite for two minutes – you’ll find it does wonders for the vision, not to mention the common sense.

Bobby Sands was a declared revolutionary socialist as were many Irish people back in the 70s. Some who saw themselves as such joined the IRA or the INLA. I think they were wrong as did other socialists back at the time who argued for a peaceful mass movement strategy.

But I don’t judge them. Heck, hindsight is easy. Judge them after you have walked a mile in their shoes maybe.

The fascists were of course nowhere to be seen in the northern struggle of that time – on the Irish side. There were plenty of them in the British Army & among the loyalist gangs tho.

Bobby was also a great Irish poet & therefore expert in our national literature, which of course is chiefly our bilingual song, ballad & recited poetry tradition, but also includes novels & so on as late, minor strands. He was of course a fan of James Joyce, the anti-fascist novelist who wrote the famous Ulysses.

In honour of them both & inndefiance of the fascist excrement let’s quote Joyce’s succinct definition of the nation:

“A nation is the same people in the same place”

That place is physical – the entire island of Ireland. But it is also spiritual, intellectual, cultural, political.

Therefore whomsoever loves the Irish & their cultures & who identifies with our true national tradition of progressive rebellion is as Irish as I am, as any of us are or can be.

Don’t let louts & lunatics who are being used by cunning goons & grifters cast the miasma of their rotten innards over the memories of our martyrs.

Don’t let them paint over our ikons with their manure.

They died for me & you that we might be free.

We owe them the defense of their honour at least.