Why are these walking chemical weapons allowed roam free in West Cork?

Oh it all might seem funny, between the exorcisms & the magic ointments, & to an extent it is.

It’s funny but it’s also scary.

It’s scary that the Examiner – normally the most trustworthy of the the Irish dailies – calls these gangsters nuns & refers to them as Sr in captions.

In fact, they ordained themselves & are not recognized by the Catholic Church. These are nuns in the same way that Charles Manson was a priest.

There’s a lot of good people in the catholic church in west cork – i bet none of them want anything to do with these gangsters!

They are part of a small & dangerous cult who endanger the lives of people by deliberately spreading lies about Covid19 & selling fake medicines.

Their ‘exorcisms’ are performed on mentally ill people – another form of dangerous, life-threatening fraud. I bet the exorcisms cost these mentally-ill people & their familes their life-savings & more.

I remember in West Cork we usen’t to take too kindly to people who come to kill our grandmothers & steal their money.

Why are we letting these walking chemical weapons away with it?