The hass came here by hair to this wee-poohlick of Earland

by wine-air. Some har hangry. Some sleepings sand tart.

Mostly iss they hokey. Edgar most older he iss the musical of Alicante 

and he play violin  for the dead peoples in the cemetary  

See!! Iss true, why no? Iss really true really. See See!!

Surfer-communist Nacho’s camaradas iss Joaquim and Jorge.

Jorge eighteen he iss luckying for girls. Iss hard. Too hard.

All iss canarios end all of theys eyeslands iss burning. 

Alex hays arms end Lucia the peacefist iss no hoe-k with feeting.

Murcia from Estramadura her wanting change class. 

Her have she bad head fro too mush iss panish. 

Pablo like wall-king the moon-tans. 

Almudena say me luckiss like festy val.

Natalia. Fuh. Ease from S-pain. 

Her neck trouble iss fro to Portugal. 

She iss livid on beaches Grenada. 

Iss you coming?

These my spagnolos 

end they asses me mush these diffycool Kesh-tens. 

Likes, where iss in Earland the food 

and when the sunny iss coming?

Why so too many earish young persons hass babies

and why they throw eggs,

Where half them good time for cheaply,

iss save now go Belfast

end tea-sure are you married or singer, 

do you tuck lovers,

and why iss it all the days wrenning?