Yes. I admit it.

I’m one of those thunderin snowflakes

You’re always gabbin on about.

Sure, I’m only half a man

Compared to you.

I’m lightweight & I’m blown about

All over the gaff.

Fair enough.

It’s as you say.

No kind of warrior am I atall.

I’’ll melt away in one degree of heat

Or be shattered by a drop of rain.

I am like the plankton in the ocean.

I am the very smallest fraction

Of the storm.

So very nearly nothing is my all.

Yet I am mysterious

And you cannot grasp me.

A wonderful once-off

Who wont be repeated.

I have no fear of windy gods.

Nor do I mourn the splitting oaks

As they go down.

I am a storm-shorn artwork.

I don’t mind this spinning fall.

It’s always been my element.

Soon, I’ll strike your earth

& brighten everything.

My kingdom come:the woken ground.Dave Lordan.

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