As rulers & media, motivated by profit over people, continue efforts to downplay & distract from covid19 & brainwash us all into crowded shops, pubs, restaurants, public transport, schools & workplaces, it’s important that the rest of us take stock of the real & developing situation with the disease.

1) The spread of Covid19 is faster & more widespread than at any previous point in the epidemic, including in the US, where hospital systems in several states are on the point of collapsing. This will crash the US capitalist economy upon which Irish capitalism depends – a decade of severe austerity & mass immiseration is coming unless we fightback.

2) Scientists continue to be baffled & surprised by the disease about which they are still only learning. Of particular concern is the viral impact on major organs including lungs, kidneys, brain, & vascular systems (heart & veins). It is not just a lung disease & nobody knows how to treat or cure it.

3) Long-term effects of the disease are a major concern – a fact which is by & large absent from the political & media discussion. Serious lung damage can occur even in asymptomatic patients. Many patients report feeling sick & incapacitated many months after infection (& long after being included in the ‘recovered’ column of statistics). This may well be a lifelong disease in many.

4) Yesterday 239 scientists wrote to the WHO calling on them to officially recognise that it is airborne. WHO appear reluctant to admit this for political reasons. Clearly tho, you can easily pick ip the disease in, for example, ‘empty’ elevators or in any enclosed space including buses, trains, pubs, restaurants, schools, & workplaces.

5) The disease has mutated and is spreading more easily, & is now moving from the elderly into younger populations. No one knows if the disease will eventually, due to spread & mutation, start killing & maiming in high numbers among children & young adults, although history suggests this is a very strong possibility.

6) We are nowhere near the end of Covid19. Billions more people will have to be infected before we have any chance of herd immunity. Vaccines may never come & if they do the success of the anti-vaxx movement means large numbers, encouraged by hard & far-right, will refuse the vaccine & render it generally ineffective.

The bosses want us back to work – our lives don’t matter to them. We are sheep & if we must be led to the slaughter to preserve the system, so be it.

Don’t be a sheep & help others to resist. The main line of attack from the govt & media in Ireland will be against Teachers – trying to force them & students back to work in unsafe conditions in the Autumn.

Please stand in solidarity with the teachers & students who will resist this.

And get organised yourself – join your union, form a neighbourhood collective, get involved with People Before Profit. We have a long fight ahead against vicious enemies who care nothing for your life or those of your family & friends.

Just as so often in the past, the grassroots have to unite to resist or the future is bleak.

A poem by German socialist Erich Fried to finish: