Goldman Sachs, the investment bankers/pirates, released a report yesterday showing that mandatory mask-wearing in the US would save at least 5% of US GDP because of the huge effect it would have on preventing transmission of Covid19.

5 per cent of GDP is a significant figure – it could make the difference between a total collapse of US capitalism & a mere depression.

Trump is refusing to wear a mask & cheerleading the far-right movement against masks.

A serial bankruptee in his private life, Trump, aided by his deranged (but rapidly shrinking) following now looks to be attempting to bankrupt the United States itself.

Fear of Trump-caused collapse seems to be motivating a heave against Trump & his far-right following from across the US ruling class.

The hate-speech, demonisation of minorities, irrationality, & misinformation which have been such a central part of ruling class ideology, & the business model of companies like youtube & facebook are, in the face of the pandemic, proving disastrous for the system they serve.

So, the US ruling class, faced with an existential threat, is casting aside it’s allies in the far-right mob – for the time being.

This is what lies behind youtube & twitter’s move against leading far-right criminals like Stefan Molyneaux & Katie Hopkins. It’s why senior figures in the military, the spy complex, the republican party & even in Fox News are moving against Trump & beginning to turn on his supporters too. It’s why the advertising boycott against Facebook re hatespeech is drawing support from some of the US’s biggest companies.

QANON, the KKK, the anti-vaxxers & anti-maskers, the Proud Boys & The Trad Wives, & all the rest of them have served the capitalist class well. Incessantly sowing hate, division & lies among the people, the far-right have been a fundamental element of how the 1% have maintained power in the US since the 1980s.

Even more so since the internet 2.0 became a vector for the metastatisation of far-right mind cancer.

But now that their anti-science irrationality threatens the profits of the bosses, it seems that they are being cast aside.

Now that the fascists are costing the boss class money, instead of making them money, they are being dumped.