A new paper in Nature, written by a team of Irish based archaeologists using latest methods, has added immensely to our understanding of the monumental period in Irish pre-history. In Newgrange, built around 3200 years ago was buried a God-king, son of an incestous union, & member of a small elite which ruled Ireland for at least 500 years. Like the Incas & the Egyptians then, Ireland’s ruling class self-perpetuated by ‘keeping it in the family’.

The paper in NATURE contains many other remarkable breakthroughs which will up-end not only archaeology but other fields as well. Not least literary studies, as it now appears that oral legend preserved the facts of Newgrange in story form for 4000 years. This means that the entire corpus of Irish Legend must now be re-read with this in mind – what other secrets of 5000 years ago & more could it contain?

Read the entire paper here