In America, as in so many other countries, police stations are sanctuaries for the worst kind of criminals, including a huge ammount of serially violent & serial-killer cops.

In Ireland, for example, the main job of the Gardai for many decades was to kidnap the infants & children of the poor & of Travellers & hand them over to the network of Paedophile BDSM clubs known as Industrial schools in which hundreds of thousands of minors were raped, abused, & murdered. An awful lot of people will never forget or forgive that & I am one of them.

The most dangerous people in any society are the police – they are paid to protect the elite & will do whatever they are told to carry out this most immoral & regressive of all jobs.

People who think the police are neutral in the struggle between the elites & the people are ignornant & privileged – they know no history, they have lived sheltered lives. I have no respect for such people, not an ounce of it.

And of course they are the first to jump up & down & do the dirty work of Donald Trump by condemning so called rioters & making propaganda like ‘i support all peaceful protests but not riots’

People who have no property & have been systematically & unjustly treated by the owners of property all their lives have no moral obligation whatsoever to respect property.

People on whom the police have been making war all their lives have every right to make war on the police in return. Deny this & you deny all morality. Deny this & you are saying the powerful can do whatever they like & the powerless must be like slaves who meekly accept every crime against them.

If you are too much of a coward & a class supremacist to have ever condemned the violence of the police, please dont expect to be considered anything but the grossest of hypocrites if you are online giving out about ‘rioters’.

Rebellions are messy. If you don’t like to see police stations burning & supermarkets having their insured stock redistributed, I suggest you renounce your rights under the Irish constitution – because that’s how you got them.

20 million nazis died, & hundreds of german cities were flattened so you could have your EU. If you don’t like fascists like the US police force suffering the righteous consequences of their fascism, go live in Chechyna where things are exactly how you like them.

The killer police force in the USA are no less of a threat to blacks in the US than the SS were to Jews & Gypsies. Over the decades they have murdered or maimed millions, they have unfairly imprisoned tens of millions, they have ruined the lives of hundreds of millions. In fact, the SS were amateurs, a flash in the pan compared to the US police.

If you mourn the burning down of police stations, you would also no doubt have objected to the destruction of german army bases in WW2.

It would be lovely if all things could be settled by tug-of-war, or chess, or interpretive dance. But the violence of the elites & their armies of thugs in uniform make that impossible.

The violence & oppression of the elites means freedom for the majority can only be won by revolution.

If you are for freedom, you are for revolution.

If you are for freedom you are for the rising in the US.