No-one is smelling of roses. Everyone is smelling of corpses.

It has taken Sinn Feīn 13 years to repent for a slur cast by a senior party official against a youngster who was beaten to death by a gang of bloodthirsty thugs.

On the other leg, it has taken the FFG party, by way of their propaganda department in RTE, 13 years to uncover the story. 13 years is a long silence that it takes something special to break.

That unforseen, emergency circumstance is Sinn Fein’s emergence, within months of a disastrous local election, as the most popular party in Ireland.

The whole episode is a blatant attempt to disrupt Sinn Fein’s momentum. It is saturating the airwaves. And it is driven by panic at the highest level of the state.

This is politics in a ‘democracy’. No one is smelling of roses in this situation.

& how can we be anything but in awe of the tenacity of this weeping, raging mother’s grief? Her unquenchable passion for her lost son, his ugly fate.

What a brave, persistent woman she has been, keeping the case alive all these years, awaiting her chance to leap into the headlines & be heard.

I suspect this woman & her wider family are well aware they are being shadily used by political crooks & pr creeps.

But who could blame them all the same. Why should they care about Mary Lou’s ambitions to be Taoiseach? Or about elections. Or about anything the world of politics considers important. What is more important than justice for a murdered child?

I have to wonder though where are the mothers of all the tens of thousands of victims of austerity? Why aren’t they weeping & raging on RTE?

FFFGLAB’s austerity decade has killed & broken more people than the IRA could ever dream of. Those who die on streets for lack of homes, those who kill themselves due to lack of mental health services, those who drown themselves in drink & drugs to escape the monotonous misery of poverty have been socially murdered by Leo Varadkar, Joan Burton, Eamon Ryan, Mīcheal Martin, Denis O Brien, Miram O Callaghan….

No-one is smelling roses. Everyone is smelling of corpses.

And the mother who weeps for her lost child will stop any movement, bring down any government.