The Black & Tans were part of an international phenomenon of right-wing and fascist governments using irregular & paramilitary forces against left wing people’s revolts all over Europe.

In Italy these became Mussolini’s blackshirts. In Germany they became Hitler’s Brownshirts. They locked up the commies, the jews, the gays, the artists…

The descendants of the very worst of the Black & Tans in ireland today are the far-right types that hate LGBTQ+, Travellers, refugees and immigrants.

Remember, one fifth of the Black & Tans were Irish. These people’s direct political descendants are today the cadre of the far-right – the ones who cheer when a mixed race child commits suicide through bullying, the ones who burn out refugee hostels, the ones behind the rise in violence against LBGTQ+…

If you want to be a Black and Tan in 2020, be a racist , a homophobe, a hatespeech promoter.

If you want be like the people (including the Lordans of the 3rd West Cork Brigade) who fought and beat the Black & Tans, stand with your black, gay, immigrant, & refugee brothers and sisters and, arm and arm with them, fight Capitalism, Imperialism, & Racism.