Above is the sad tale of two irish ‘natives’, long-ago broken into warring little pieces by poverty and oppression, verbally assaulting and inciting hatred against a person of colour going about their job. The bulk of the 150 or so strong fascist mob at the Dail last week was made up of people like these.

Broken people getting on in years who have lost all reason, have no job and no prospect of one, have been poor all their lives, are polyaddicted, have mental health problems, have numerous criminal convictions, are completely deluded and full of misdirected rage & hate. They wouldnt be able to point Ireland out on a map and wouldnt be able to tell Brian Boru from Brian O Driscoll, most of ‘em, and they don’t know which is the right way round to hold the Irish flag.

They have nothing left, absolutely nothing, but to grasp desperately at the plastic straw of white irish supremacy in order to try and give some meaning and direction to their horribly painful, wasted existences.

They are the easiest people in the world to use and manipulate. And that is exactly what the millionaire ex-journalist from Foxrock; the British Soldier with his tiny microphone; Herpes Hermann; and the rest of the scheming delinquents running the fascist movement in Ireland are trying to do. Their method is what is called stochastic terrorism – a dark art perfected by ISIS – whereby a message of racist hate is broadcast continously through complicit social media outlets, with the attached encouragement for ‘the true irish’ to ‘rise up and do something about it once and for all’ etc etc

There will always be some deluded gobhite on the other end of the broadcasting tube who thinks that destiny is calling them. And so you get the above.

Incidents like these are massively in the increase in Ireland due to the frenetic activity of the leading hate merchants. But they will only get away with it as long as the rest of us let them.

The Fascists are tiny here and, aside from mentally-ill drug addicts who can hardly stand up, they have little or no active support whatsoever. But even a small number pose a danger to society as the above shows.

Last Saturday our movement utterly humiliated the fascists by massively outnumbering them. We can finish then off completely in 2020 – with your help. Please join United Against Racism at link and get stuck in!