I support the farmers 100%. I admire the militancy & determination of their protest. I call on all my friends and comrades to come out and publicly support them.

A win for them will be a win for all grassroots movements – they are showing us all how it’s done. We have a lot to learn from them.

If you find yourself chiming in with the blueshirts and snob journalists condemning them all over the airwaves this morning, cop yourself on, think again. The same propaganda war is going on now against then as goes on against any group that stands up to the corrupt FFFGLAB state.

Rural Ireland has been neglected and abandoned by all the mainstream political parties for the entire century of our existence as a country. The countryside has been virtually cleared of small-farmers by policies which favour industrial scale agriculture & which not only lead to rural depopulation but also to environmental degradation and a collapse in biodiversity.

Life has become impossibly burdensome for the few thousand small farmers we have left & who cannot make a living adequate to a normal life for themselves and their families.

Do you want a countryside that is just ONE BIG FARM making billions for ONE BIG GOMBEEN? That is the way we are headed and only the small farmers themselves, with our support, can stop this nightmare vision from happening.

Ireland without small farmers would be an empty Ireland indeed – they are one of the backbones of our society and our culture and their contribution is badly underestimated and of course ignored altogether by FFFGLAB & all their media lackeys.

Like every other grassroots group in our society, our small farmers have every right to fight to defend their livelihoods and their dignity by any means they choose to fight, by any means necessary.

Socialists believe that small farmers have a vital role to play in our future – they will in particular be crucial to a just transition to sustainable farming – in fact they are the only people that can achieve such a transition.

Get behind them for the sake of solidarity, justice, & a sustainable future for rural Ireland.

Dave Lordan

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