Far-right TV guy Piers Morgan tore into ex-drug mule Michaela this morning.

I don’t find Michaela McCollum admirable or praiseworthy. Nor do i find her as reprehensible as the legions of armchair barristers condeming her for releasing a book. I can assure them that far more evil people than Michaela are releasing books on a regular basis.

The online justices should keep in mind that on any given night hundreds of Ireland’s ever-rarer hospital beds are taken up by people suffering from alcoholism and its consequences. And that billions of euros a year is made by pharmaceutical companies deliberately addicting vulnerable people to a cornucopia of tranquilizers and opiates.

Yet Piers Morgan and the intellectual shrimp who cheerlead him online will never have a bad word to say about the multimillionaire drug dealers in the alcohol and valium trades – the kind who really and permanently damage society. It’s far far easier to pick on a deluded narcissist like Michaela McCollum.

Do any of us believe that Piers Morgan has never run into cocaine? Or that he us not surrounded in TV land by a legion of coke-heads?

One thing the whole episode shows is that the publishing industry is about as ethical as the cocaine and they don’t care who gets hurt a long as the bucks roll in.