Soundscaped mystery tale set in the Irish Spoken Word scene of the mid-noughties and locations include The Monday Echo in The International Bar, Mantova Festival in Roscommon, Bog Road Clonakilty, the 145 Bus, Bruxelles, Sandinos, St Vincent De Paul’s, NCAD, ST John of God’s, & Hybrassil. Words by Dave Lordan, soundscape by Derek Flynn. 2 minute extract below – get whole audiobook for just 4.99 here

What readers are saying…..

‘ Listening to Dave Lordan’s scorching words, soundtracked expertly by Derek Flynn is a powerful, visceral, immersive experience. The incantatory delivery, the mesmeric rhythms underscore perfectly this layered exploration of the world of spoken word poetry: its power to ‘give voice’ to unimaginable trauma; the magic and ego attached to the wounded dreamer. Mac is a searing creation. Although damaged, addicted and addled, he proves himself a seer on many occasions, not least when he expounds the ‘rejection of all technologies but the tongue; all mediums but the voice.’ As I listened to this pulsing, provocative piece of spoken word sorcery, I couldn’t help agree. It is a form unlike any other, and here is an example of it working on its own terms in an unforgettable, wholly unique way.’
Lisa Harding, Novelist

With echoes of Joyce, Celine and Brass Eye, Lordan & Flynn’s breathtaking audio book ‘The Only Real Poet in Ireland’ heralds the arrival of a new species of literary beast, and the results are quite stunning. A nightmarish and hilarious journey into the world of contemporary Irish poetry and spoken word- the terrifying thing about ‘The Only Real Poet in Ireland’, is that for those of us who occupy the sphere of Irish literature, not only do we see the artists we know, we also see ourselves in its tragic protagonist. A great moment in the evolution of Irish literature.
Stephen Murray, Director of Youthspeaks & former All-Ireland Slam Champion

Dave Lordan’s rhythmic vocal patterns echo the ceaseless and persistence march of time that flattens the protagonists despite their best efforts. The assonance and lyrically alliterative poetry brightens the prose line of this audiobook. You can feel it’s destructive ivy tendrils growing through the cracks in the mirror he holds up to the modern life of an artist. The Artists in question are poets Fran and Mac, never great friends, who orbit each other in ever deteriorating circles. Taking place at different points in and out of the “spoken word scene” Over the years they habitually reacquaint themselves and each other with the psychological destruction of modern life.
Mark Flynn, The Blood Red Mountain Band.

Lordan’s language sings in a hoarse, surreal, & authentic voice, shades of Dostoevsky and Donleavy on a Friday bender
Mark O Brien, Axis Ballymun

Lordan shows once again how much of a great storyteller & weaver of words and pictures he is…so many of the lines evoked strong memories of the live arts scene for me, flashbacks of a previous life and one I still hope to revisit. I’m sure sure many Irish people will absolutely love this as lordan has such a strong understanding of an connection to the Irish psyche.
Andy Moore, Traditional Musician.

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