The gombeen Peter Casey claims Irish Travellers have no culture. He’s a liar.

Traveller Culture is deep, ancient, varied, & distinct from settled Irish culture – altho there is overlap with the vernacular culture of rural irish workers. It includes a language, Shelta, which is well over 1000 years old.

The crafty arts of singing & storytelling & traditional music performance are central to Traveller Culture – for centuries Travellers carried songs and stories & tunes from place to place all over Ireland, preserving heritage that would otherwise be lost.

On the practical side, Travellers have long had expert knowledge of tinsmithing & horse husbandry – crucial knowledge with which they helped sustain & enrich rural irish life for many centuries.In the 20th Century the pipers Paddy Keenan & Felix Doran & the singers Margaret Barry & Pecker Dunne were central to the preservstion and later rebirth of Irish trad & folk.

If you are ever present at a Traveller wedding or christening or any kind of celebration and the the singing and storytelling start up, count yourself very lucky!

Even with all the prejudice & oppression they face today, they have produced some of Ireland’s most impressive & world-class entertainers & intellectuals – the playwrights Michael Collins & Rosaleen Mcdonagh, the Campaigning academic Sindy Joyce, the singer & storyteller Thomas McCarthy, the comedian Martin Beanz Ward & plenty others.

Peter Casey, on the other hand, is a man without either dignity or culture. A talking turnip who would say anything to get himself on TV – that garish graveyard of all human cultures!

The likes of him add nothing to our nation and will not be missed when he blows over.

Without Travellers however, Ireland would be a far far lesser place.