NORTH AND SOUTH OF THE BORDER – bigots must be defeated

It’s worth noting that the far right pro-life movement in the six counties is led by extremist protestants who would ban disco dancing & round up the gays & the immigrants if they could get away with it.

While in the South, where it has been set back severely by democracy, the far right pro life movement is led by extremist catholics who would ban disco dancing & round up the gays & the immigrants if they could get away with it.

In both places the extremists do not have even the support of a significant minority of their fellow religionists. Most Catholics & Protestants are not extremists & do not want an illiberal abortion regime, are fine with the gays, & like to disco dance.

Despite the horrible noise it makes online, the daily propaganda favours it receives from the MSM, & the endless millions in funding from US extremists, the religious far-right on the island of Ireland is in an historically weak position.

Neither protestant nor catholic Theofascists can mobilise any more than a few thousand – mainly old men – onto the streets.

The cadre of religious extremism is increasingly made up of online grifters & lunatics employing the methods of stochastic terrorism in an attempt to capitalise on social inequality & whip up hatred against minorities – and of course get in cash donations for themselves.

This is not the sign of a rising movement, but of a declining one grasping at straws.

The movement for a UNITED IRELAND needs to capitalise on this weakness and the plain-for-all-to see crossover between the religious right in both states.

We should put progressive, socialist values at the centre of such a campaign & make clear that a United Ireland will be one in which individual identity & freedom are guaranteed, women own their own bodies, immigrants are welcome & valued, & you can dance all night beneath the whirling glitter ball if you want to.

In that way we can win a big majority for a new 32 County Ireland both North & South of the border.